Nature 10


Charlene G. Leyanna

September 27, 1946 ~ March 27, 2018 (age 71)


I met Charlene in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  I was chairing an AA Meeting when I had 30 days sobriety.  The topic was Honesty.  After the meeting, she came up to me and said "I like what you said"  I thanked her told that it was very nice of her to say that.  She said that she felt awkward at an AA Meeting as she was not an alcoholic but she and her friend wanted to attend this meeting.  I told her that this was an "Open" Meeting and that she and friend were welcome to attend.  Well I guess that was the second thing that she liked and from that point were seeing each other on a regular basis.  That relationship lasted 27 years until she died.  Charlene was born and raised in Chicago.  Her father was a meat cutter and he raised her as a single parent for many years.  Her early childhood was one of health issues.  The Doctors detected heart problems and did all they could for her.  Charlene also had a little brother who had a history of heart problems and he died at a very young age, 5 years old.  Charlene never talked much about her mother other than that she had a beautiful singing voice.  I know that she loved her and missed her but that is one of the sad things of coming from a broken home.  Charlene excelled in school but could not participate in Gym like the other girls because of her weak heart.  Charlene became a lover of animals at a very young age.  She would talk about a German Shepard she had.  A very smart dog and she loved him to death.  I can only imagine how many animals she has had as pets throughout her lifetime.  She loved cats, dogs, horses and birds.  When I met her she had 3 cats and 4 dogs.  Charlene met the "Love of Her Life" when she was 42.  She had never been married and had a few boyfriends over the years.  I was 41 when I met her and had already been married twice, both ended in divorce.  I was not looking for another relationship and was "Gun shy"  I had already been divorced twice and it hurt a lot.  I became a single parent on both occasions.  Charlene and I had a lasting relationship, 27 years.  She was always good to me and for me.  I loved her dearly and was very fortunate to have loved her until the day she died. 

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